In Memoriam (2LP) (Vinyl LP)


In Memoriam (2LP)
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Disc 1

  • 1

    A1: Downfall

  • 2

    A2: Distant Peaks

  • 3

    B1: Firstborn Son

  • 4

    B2:Matriarch's Lament

  • 5

    C1: The Sight

  • 6

    D1: Tears of Rememberance

It has been a long wait since the Mistur made its mark on the world with critically acclaimed debut; “Attende”. Fortunately the wait has not been in vain. “In Memoriam” Sees Mistur return with a masterpiece fielding long and layered arrangements, clever melodies and progressive elements mixed with its signature brand of sognametal.

Mistur was started in Sogndal, Norway, by Espen Bakketeig and Andre Raunehaug, and the band was joined shortly after by Stian Bakketeig (Vreid, ex-Windir, ex-Cor Scorpii). After a demo, they landed a deal with Einheit Produktionen, and the debut album "Attende" was released in 2009 to rave reviews. Apart from some festival shows and a tour, the band became inactive for shorter periods, before the work on the follow up album started.

With new vocalist Oliver Øien and new drummer Tomas Myklebust in the band, Mistur got a fresh start that took the band to a new level. The songs are longer, more epic and complex, and the arrangements are bigger. “In Memoriam” was recorded in Conclave & Earshot Studios and in the bands private studio. The album was produced by Mistur main man Espen Bakketeig and mixed by Bjørnar E. Nilsen. With “In Memoriam” Mistur brings new elements into the Sognametal style without loosing it's unique core. The album is a must for all fans of Windir and the Sognametal style, but will certainly also appeal to fans Amon Amarth, Insomnium and Månegarm.

•2nd album from Sognametal band Mistur

•With past and present members of Vreid, Windir, Kampfar, Cor Scorpii, Emancer

•Recorded at Conclave & Earshot Studio

•Double 12” vinyl in gatefold cover

•This is Sognametal at its best

•Great reviews. Amongst others 11 of 10 pts from, 5/5 in Metallian and 13/15 in Legacy Magazine. 

Artist: Mistur Title: In Memoriam (2LP)
Label: Dark Essence Distributor: Border Music Norway AS
Format: Vinyl LP Release date: 2016-11-18
Delivery time: Non-stock item, 3-6 working days Catalog number: KAR112LP
EAN: 7090008319306

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