Sturm Und Drang (CD)


Sturm Und Drang
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Disc 1

  • 1

    Concerto Amoroso 'le Printemps' For Oboe, Violin And String Orchestra

  • 2

    Concerto For Flute And Orchestra

  • 3

    Concerto Nostalgico "l'automne" For Oboe, Cello And String Orchestra

  • 4

    Nocturne For Cello And String Orchestra

  • 5

    Symphony No. 4 - Symphonie Classique "sturm Und Drang"

Composer: Title: Sturm Und Drang
Label: Bis Distributor: Naxos
Format: CD Release date: 2009-09-21
Delivery time: Non-stock item, 3-6 working days Catalog number: NAX-BIS1579-
EAN: 7318590015797
Orchestra: Conductor:

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