Vilar Glad I Din Famn (CD Single)

Andersson Benny

Vilar Glad I Din Famn
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    Benny Anderssons Bröllopssång - Vilar Glad I Din Famn

Framförd vid det Kungliga Bröllopet 19 juni 2010
av Gustaf Sjökvists kammarkör, Storkyrkans kör,
Kungliga Filharmonikerna och Orsa Spelmän.
Orkestrering: Anders Eljas.
Producent: Benny Andersson.
Musik: Benny Andersson
Text: Kristina Lugn
Artist: Andersson Benny Title: Vilar Glad I Din Famn
Label: Mono Music Distributor: UNI
Format: CD Single Release date: 2010-06-28
Delivery time: 2-7 working days Catalog number: UNI-MMCDS -136
EAN: 7393896031368

Well, some people speak of Benny Andersson as being a musical genius. And yes, he is. Well, it's also true that this little piece of new music is well-written, nice, lovely and goes straight to your heart. And, now and then, one can easily spot these typical Andersson-traits that he is famous and loved for. Nice to hear Orsa Spelman again! It's the fantastic soundtrack for a royal wedding. But also, this piece of music might not be a masterpiece of the former ABBA-mastermind though it is stunning to listen to Benny's kind of choral music. On a pure stylistic level it sounds too familiar, too traditional to be considered astonishing or even ingenious. But it's Benny Andersson, and somehow this is what finally counts here. Thank you again for being so manifold! And, by the way, the choirs, the orchestra, the fiddlers and Anders Eljas did a good job, too.


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