Disco Defenders (CD)


Disco Defenders
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Disc 1

  • 1

    Young Guns (Go For It)

  • 2

    Feel 4 You (Radio Version)

  • 3

    We Keep On Rockin'

  • 4

    Stay The Night (Fl Club Mix)

  • 5


  • 6

    Blame It On The Disco

  • 7

    Harlem Nights

  • 8

    This Is The World We Live In

  • 9

    Crying At The Discoteque (Radio Edit)

  • 10

    Don't You Want Me

  • 11

    Not A Sinner Nor A Saint

  • 12


  • 13

    Start The Fire

  • 14

    Sexual Guarantee

  • 15

    Physical (Original Radio Version)

  • 16

    Young Guns (Go For It) (Extended)

Artist: Alcazar Title: Disco Defenders
Label: Universal Distributor: UNI
Format: CD Release date: 2015-07-24
Delivery time: Non-stock item, 3-6 working days Catalog number: UNI-0602547-47504
EAN: 0602547475046

Well, I'm slightly disappointed by this one! Not a new album, not a full compilation.. Just using the title of the previous album with a new artwork... and less thant half of the setlist !
On the other part, i'm very glad that "Young guns" and "Blame it on the disco" make their physical debut on Cd! But where is "Good Lovin'" ???

Alcazar is REALLY a great pop band , but it would have been great to see a new album with the previous singles that weren't properly release (I mean physically!!!)...


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