ABBA: Treasures - En interaktiv hyldest (Gift-set) (CD)


ABBA: Treasures - En interaktiv hyldest (Gift-set)
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Deluxe Vinyl Edition:
  • 3 LPs
  • 180 gram in Numbered Case-made Book with 3 Bound In Swing Pockets and Four Panel Folder
Triplicate, is the new three disc studio album from Bob Dylan. The collection features 30 brand-new recordings of classic American tunes and marking the first triple-length set of the artist’s illustrious career. With each disc individually titled and presented in a thematically-arranged 10-song sequence, Triplicateshowcases Dylan’s unique and much-lauded talents as a vocalist, arranger and bandleader on 30 compositions by some of music’s most lauded and influential songwriters. The Jack Frost-produced album is the 38th studio set from Bob Dylan and marks the first new music from the artist since Fallen Angels, which was released in early 2016. 
Artist: ABBA Title: ABBA: Treasures - En interaktiv hyldest (Gift-set)
Label: Soul Media Distributor: Movie / NO CCV
Format: CD Release date: 2010-01-01
Delivery time: 2-7 working days Catalog number: lager
EAN: 5709165882029

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