Reviews and Ratings Policy for CDON’s websites

Reviews and Ratings Policy for CDON’s websites


Your visit to CDON AB’s (“CDON”, “we”, “us”) website (“Website”) is subject to the terms of CDON’s General Privacy Policy [link] with regards to how CDON processes your personal data. In addition to this, the following policy applies when you submit a product review or product rating on the Website and when you interact with us on the Website and there is a reference or link to this policy.


The purpose of providing a review and ratings feature on the Website is to give our users the opportunity to share their experience of using our services or making a purchase through us. It is also to enable our customers to submit reviews and ratings of our products.


Customer data


When opening an account on the Website you have to register a username and password. Your username and password are personal, and it is your responsibility to keep them secure. Therefore, ensure that your login details are stored safety where no unauthorised person can access them. You should notify CDON immediately if you suspect unauthorised access to your login details.


As a user, you are personally responsible for everything that is entered and ordered under the registration you create on the Website. Therefore, be sure to logout when leaving your computer and be cautious when using auto login.


If CDON suspects that you are abusing your user account or your login details, or otherwise violating the CDON Terms of Service [link], CDON reserves the right to close your account. CDON also reserves the right to assign you with a new username and password and to reject or remove unsuitable and/or offensive usernames.


User-generated content and netiquette


User-generated content means any content created or uploaded by visitors to the Website, that is to say all content not created by CDON. For example, advertisements and uploaded images and text in the shape of product reviews and ratings is user-generated content. All the content you upload to the Website is available to all visitors to the Website.


As a user you have sole responsibility for the content you post on the Website. You are also responsible for ensuring that you have the right to publish content on the Website, that you are not infringing anybody’s intellectual property rights by doing so.


CDON reserves the right to use or publish user-generated content, such as images, text comments and similar, uploaded to the Website. This means that you, the user, transfer the rights to your user-generated content to CDON without remuneration. You can delete previously published reviews by contacting customer services.


User obligations


When you publish user-generated content on the Website, such as product reviews, as an individual you are posting content for which you are responsible and for which you could be held liable.


When posting a review or a rating, or otherwise commenting on the Website, you are accepting the following conditions:

  • Illegal use: The Website may not be used for illegal purposes or to encourage illegal activities. It is not permitted to post content on the Website that is in violation of applicable law, including intellectual property rights and privacy, or any contractual obligations. The content must not under any circumstances contain:
    • illegal content or calls for illegal action;
    • data that could be perceived as objectionable or offensive;
    • data constituting copyright infringement;
    • computer viruses and mass mailings (spam);
    • software codes that may be harmful and affect the site's functionality in any way; or
    • offers of services, questionnaires, own competitions, direct mail, bulk mail, private ads, etcetera.


  • Information quality:You may not post content or use the Website to create an impression that you know is false or misleading.
  • Offensive content: You may not post anything on the Website that is hateful, disrespectful, threatening, sacrilegious or otherwise objectionable. The content must not under any circumstances contain:
    • racial agitation or other content of a racist or defamatory nature; or
    • offensive, abusive posts containing threats, personal attacks and objectionable material.
  • Illegal identity use: When using the Website, it is not permitted to take on somebody else’s identity or otherwise give the impression of having a relationship with a person or organisation in such a way that is, or is intended to be, misleading, confusing or deceptive.
  • Privacy You may not publish or post another person’s private data or anything that could be connected with them without their consent.

If you have the slightest doubt about content you intend to post on the Website, please refrain from posting.


CDON reserves the right, but is under no obligation, to remove, in whole or in part, or not publish, user-generated content that is in full or in part contrary to these terms. CDON will take the necessary measures to prevent any such abuse. Measures could entail a ban or limited use for users and members. For more serious violations, legal action may be taken. CDON will, whenever possible, inform of the company’s intention to take such measures.


Should you encounter any content on the Website that you consider to be in violation of the above policy, or otherwise, you are asked to report it to CDON using the contact details below. The same applies to lodging a complaint about content on the Websites that you consider to be in any way offensive. If your complaint is about CDON’s processing of your personal data, you can also lodge a complaint with the Data Inspection Board.