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20th Century Classics: Pärt (Album)

Various Artists

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  • 1

    Nekrolog Op. 5stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra/Pa

  • 2

    I Sumfoonia: I. Kaanoidstockholm Philharmonic Orchestra/Pa

  • 3

    I Sumfoonia: Ii. Preluud Ja Fuugastockholm Philharmonic Orchestra/Pa

  • 4

    Stabat Mater Transcription For Voictaverner Consort/Fretwork/Andrew Pa

  • 5

    Statuit Ei Dominuskaia Urb/Tiit Kogerman/Christopher

  • 6

    Missa Syllabica: I. Kyriekaia Urb/Vilve Hepner/Evelin Saul/M

  • 7

    Missa Syllabica: Ii. Gloriakaia Urb/Vilve Hepner/Evelin Saul/M

  • 8

    Missa Syllabica: Iii. Credokaia Urb/Vilve Hepner/Evelin Saul/M

  • 9

    Missa Syllabica: Iv. Sanctuskaia Urb/Vilve Hepner/Evelin Saul/M

  • 10

    Missa Syllabica: V. Agnus Deikaia Urb/Vilve Hepner/Evelin Saul/M

  • 11

    Missa Syllabica: Vi. Ite, Missa Estkaia Urb/Vilve Hepner/Evelin Saul/M

  • 12

    Beatus Petroniuschristopher Bowers-broadbent/Ene Sa

  • 13

    7 Magnificat Antiphons: I. O Weisheestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • 14

    7 Magnificat Antiphons: Ii. O Adonaestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • 15

    7 Magnificat Antiphons: Iii. O Sproestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • 16

    7 Magnificat Antiphons: Iv. O Schlüestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • 17

    7 Magnificat Antiphons: V. O Morgenestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • 18

    7 Magnificat Antiphons: Vi. O Königestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • 19

    7 Magnificat Antiphons: Vii. O Immaestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • 20

    De Profundis 1980, For Chorus, Orgaestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir

  • 21

    Mementokaia Urb/Evelin Saul/Tiit Kogerman/

  • 22

    Cantate Dominochristopher Bowers-broadbent/Ene Sa

  • 23

    Solfeggioestonian Philharmonic Chamber Choir


Composer:   Title: 20th Century Classics: Pärt 
Label: Erato  Distributor: WMS 
Format: Album  Release date: 2009-01-19 
Delivery time: Non-stock item, 3-6 working days  Catalog number: WMS-5099923-761124  
EAN: 5099923761124    
Orchestra: Stockholm Philharmonic Orchestra, Estonian National Symphony Orchestr, Ene Salumae   Conductor: Andrew Parrott, Paavo Jarvi, Tonu Kaljuste  
Soloist: Andrew Parrott, Christopher Bowers-Broadbent, Fretwork, Paavo Jarvi, Taverner Consort, Tonu Kaljuste, Ene Salumae, Evelin Saul, Kaira Urb, Vilve Hepner  


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