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British Metal (4DVD+Book) (Music-DVD)

Iron Maiden

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This is the uncensored independent guide to the music of Iron Maiden. Dave Artwoods authoritative text is accompanied by four companion DVDs tracing the Iron Maiden story from East End pubs through the triumphant Hammersmith Odeon shows and on to the stadium rock phenomenon that we know today. The DVDs feature candid new interviews with original members singer Paul DiAnno and guitarist Dennis Stratton giving a unique insiders account of the early days of the band. Keyboardist Tony Moore explains the reasons for the collapse of the short lived lineup featuring Tony on keys. Archive interviews featuring Steve Harris and Bruce Dickinson are complemented by a wealth of news reports and television features tracing the superstar years as the band sails on into its fourth decade.


Disc 1

  • 1

    The Iron Maiden Story Part 1

Disc 2

  • 1

    The Iron Maiden Story Part 2

Disc 3

  • 1

    The Iron Maiden Story Part 3

Disc 4

  • 1

    Paul DiAnno Uncut


Artist: Iron Maiden   Title: British Metal (4DVD+Book) 
Label: Distributor: SPD 
Format: Music-DVD  Release date: 2011-02-18 
Delivery time: 1-3 working days  Catalog number: SPD-ABSB040- 
EAN: 9780956696090    


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