Claude Debussy 1862 - 1918 (1 DVD + 2 CD) (Music-DVD)

Debussy Claude

Claude Debussy 1862  - 1918 (1 DVD + 2 CD) (Music-DVD)
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Based on Debussy's String Quartet this documentary styled film is an evocative, celebratory, and fascinating journey into the artistic effervescence the era that gave birth to Debussy's revolutionary musical work.

Stunningly beatiful recreations of the salons littéraires and cafés of Paris and variations on the Cathédrale de Rouen by Claude Monet offer a poetic rendering of Debussy's work. . Playtime: 47.51 minutes. Directed by Benôit Pilon and Bernar Hébert. Musicians: Brett Molzan, first violin, Nathalie Camus, second violin, Luc Beauchemin, viola, David Ellis, cello.

Composer:   Title: Claude Debussy 1862 - 1918 (1 DVD + 2 CD) 
Label:   Distributor: SE Jbox 
Format: Music-DVD  Release date: 2006-04-26 
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