(50%)Express Non-Stop (Album)


(50%)Express Non-Stop (Album)
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With over 1 million sold albums and singels all over the world. Alphabeat have marked themselves as Denmark's biggest pop band. Earlier this year they came out with the super hit "Vacation" that went straight to the top as #1 on Danish radio. Instead of relaxing and going on vacation, they chose to play in front of 200.000 Danes on the yearly Green Concert Tour.

In other words, they are warmed up for this fall and the release of the most complete pop album from Alphabeat.


  • 1

    The Beat Don’t Stop

  • 2

    Love Sea

  • 3

    Since I Met You

  • 4

    Younger Than Yesterday

  • 5

    Mad About You

  • 6

    Express Non-Stop

  • 7


  • 8

    Brand New Day

  • 9

    Show Me What Love Is

  • 10

    Love On The Line

Artist: Alphabeat   Title: (50%)Express Non-Stop 
Label: Universal  Distributor: UNI 
Format: Album  Release date: 2012-09-24 
Delivery time: Out of stock  Catalog number: UNI-6025371-17246 
EAN: 0602537117246    
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